Wedding logo

Logo for a wedding in Sorrento with southern Italian vibes, 2023

IMPACT Network

Illustrations of funny drinks to enjoy during the festivities, 2022

Madame Figaro

Illustrations of beautiful watches and rings, News/culte column 2017-2020


Editorial illustration about the professional vs at home life of several women, 2023


Cocktail Page presenting the very popular Korean spirit Soju, 2021

ELLE à Table

“Les recettes du placard”, 5 ingredients and 9 recipes for everyone, 2021

Migros Migusto

 Wine page with illustrated map of Piemonte region, Italy, 2020

La Belle

Illustration promoting the new Hair Oil range by Migros, 2021

Madame Figaro

CUISINE |  Illustrated step by step Christmas recipes by Michelin starred chef Anne-Sophie Pic and prestigious pâtissier Pierre Hermé, 2018-2019

Schweizer Familie

Illustrations about Love coming from the brain and not from the heart, 2020


Illustration about the story of a personal journey of self acceptance of
the female body when suddenly changes, 2021


Projects for office decoration murals, 2021

“Hear Me Out”

Illustrations for a poetry book by Ahmer Masood, 2023

Migros Magazine

Editorial illustrations about happiness, how and where to find it, 2022


Christmas Greeting Card, 2022


Food stories: France, Italy and Ukraine, 2022


Illustrations for the launch of Vegan and Gluten Free Dim Sum range, 2022


Summer recipes, 2020

Migros Migusto

Wild ingredients from different Italian regions and essential Italian food, 2021

Madame Figaro

Illustrated beauty products for the News/culte column, 2017-2020

Madame Figaro

CUISINE I French destinations for holidays and escapism: restaurants in Paris and vineyards resorts in the south of France, 2018-2021


Career change: portraits of three people – their previous and current jobs, 2022


Mix of illustration and photography to promote natural Beauty
products and essential oils, 2021

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NZZ am Sonntag – Schweizer Illustrierte Style – NaturéO – Donna – Myself – Hotel Savoy Baur En Ville – Freundin – Tamedia – Migros Magazin – Migusto – ELLE à Table

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