Schweizer Familie

October 2017

A new Tamedia group collaboration, Schweizer Familie, for their beauty pages they commissioned me three pictures about the world of scents – perfumes for the skin, home fragrances and bathroom products.

Madame Figaro

Madame Figaro, 2015, Diane von Furstenberg watercolor portrait illustration

November 2016

For Madame Figaro again, 12 portraits of make-up artists, beauty brand and art gallery owners, actresses, dancers and fashion designers for their special luxury beauty issue.

MIGROS – La Belle

May 2016

My third collaboration with MIGROS’s beauty supplement magazine La Belle.

Four portraits of the people working for the beauty department at MIGROS.


Migros Magazin

March 2016

A new collaboration with Migros Magazin, one of the main swiss supermarket’s magazine, printed in three languages.

I did three pictures for their beauty alphabet: scrub for skin, nude Make up and UV protection travel products.


February 2016

Portraits for The Sunday Telegraph’s supplement STELLA.

Migros La Belle no.2

September 2015

Migros, one of the leading swiss supermarkets, published their second beauty magazine “La Belle”, and they asked me to illustrate one of their best selling products – Candida mouthwash.

The challenge was to make attractive, to find a sort of beauty, in something that is ordinary. The pinkness and shiny plastic helped.




May 2015

Special beauty pages for Mother’s day, five new perfumes and their (illustrated) universes. Very nice example of mixing photography and illustration together. See the rest of the illustrations below.

MIGROS beauty magazine – La Belle

April 2015

Beauty, fitness pictures and portraits for La Belle, the new magazine of MIGROS, one of the leading Swiss supermarkets. The magazine is published in the three national languages: German, French and Italian. Please see the rest of the illustrations below.